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Barbarous: Tavern Wars

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December 13, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Barbarous: Tavern Wars
GameHouse Original Stories
Android 5.1

Barbarous: Tavern Wars APK revolves around the management of medieval taverns. Are you ready to run your own tavern?

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Introduce about Barbarous: Tavern Wars

Medieval Tavern Management Idle Simulation Game

Barbarous: Tavern Wars is more than just an idle simulation game revolving around food and drink. There is much more for you to discover when following in the footsteps of the tavern owner here, including deep love stories and countless other contrived situations in life.


Barbarous: Tavern Wars puts you in the role of a medieval tavern owner, where many kingdom dwellers, knights, warriors, soldiers, and visitors… Your task in this casual game is to manage your tavern so that when facing any “difficult” guests, at any time or with a large number of guests, it will still operate smoothly. The guests arrive, give the order with detailed requirements, if you can do it well, they will be satisfied and send you the money. This money is used to upgrade the tavern, open new branches, add diverse ingredients, enrich the menu, do some marketing tricks to attract more guests. The money left you can spend to hire more staff in case the tavern is overloaded.

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In short, the goal of “satisfying guests” is still the top criterion in all situations. Only then will your tavern become more and more famous and profitable, quickly becoming the most stylish and famous place in the region.

The hardest in Barbarous: Tavern Wars are the levels with limited-time challenges. Over time, the more popular your tavern became, the more guests came to drink and eat. There are both regular guests and visitors. The needs of each person are also more and more complex. Regular guests order both snacks and wine, new customers, after eating and drinking, also ask to try some wine. The problem is that not all guests who come to the tavern give orders from the moment they enter.

If you don’t manage, remember and process requests fully and correctly, and ensure reasonable waiting times, you will make them angry, leave, and upset. Many guests are also finicky with an extremely short wait bar, meaning they are extremely impatient and short-tempered. You will have to pay special attention to these guests.

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To do this, you must always keep the guest’s requirements in mind, then move to the counter, combine different ingredients to make the dish they are ordering. Just touch the screen in the position of the corresponding materials, the game will automatically combine them, create dishes, drinks and appear on the table for guests.

The details make the difference

In Barbarous: Tavern Wars, there is one detail that I am a bit impressed with because I have never seen it mentioned in similar games. That is the hygiene of food and drinks and restaurants. You need to touch the feature button to clean up after every working day, and always keep your processing area and ingredients as clean as possible. Because if you do not meet hygiene standards, you will be complained about by guests and affect the reputation score of your tavern. But if you keep good hygiene, you can get more bonus points and increase your reputation a lot.

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Not only serve customers and wholeheartedly manage your tavern, but you also have to pay attention to competitors who are the other surrounding taverns. The competitive landscape can seem increasingly chaotic, especially when you expand large enough in terms of scale and have a steady guest base. Some situations will make your character very awkward like when choosing between reason and love, between family love and outside reputation, between what to do and what to do. The more you play later, you may not realize that this is an ordinary simulation game anymore, it is an adventure into relationships, work, life, and family love in the context of adversity of the period in the game.

Everyone has a chance to try their best

The 60 levels in Barbarous: Tavern Wars will make it easy for any player, whether you’re used to the simulation games or just playing for the first time.

Download Barbarous: Tavern Wars APK for Android

The sound in Barbarous: Tavern Wars is quite attractive. It’s tuneful like a majestic movie soundtrack, makes you put yourself in the fight in any situation. You will always feel excited, stimulated, and curious to know what the next thing the character will do. Everything that should have stopped as a simple simulation turned out to be endless with lots of interesting suspense.

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