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Bake it Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money)

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Billy Gray - 13/12/2021

Download Bake It mod APK – latest version – free for Android to experience the ultimate baking simulation game! Test your recipes and impress your customers!

Simulation games are everywhere nowadays. Everyone seems to enjoy them because they focus on one aspect only and makes it as realistic as possible. Take car parking simulations for example. They aren’t racing games but they are just as entertaining if not more entertaining. Why? Because they allow you to practice in here just as you would in real life.


Bake It by Kwalee Ltd. is a baking simulation game that has over 500 thousand downloads now in Google Play Store! This game is super simple yet so addicting! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read on all about it!

What is Bake It?

Imagine baking in real life. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can get messy instantly. But what if there was a game where you could practice and learn baking? If only there’s such an app that can turn every wish into a reality.

Well, there is! Meet Bake It by Kwalee Ltd. This is a popular baking simulation game with over 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store! Even if you don’t know how to bake in real life, you can bake pastries in here without much problem! Everything has an instruction and is laid out for you for convenience.


The graphics, the effects and the gameplay all make up for a very tasty gaming experience! Read on to know more about it.

Features of Bake It

Bake It may look simple but don’t mistake it for a boring game! This game packs features that you won’t expect a free game to have. Here are the features:

Many challenges – The premise of the game is simple, try to satisfy every customer with their orders. However, as you complete more orders, their requests would get more difficult. This is what it means to be a master baker. You need to be able to keep up with the demands of the customers to earn more gold!


Different ingredients – In this game, there are a lot of different orders you need to fulfill. That’s why there are a lot of ingredients that the game offers. For the glaze, you can put different colors according to the customer’s order. Then, you can also put different patterns if you like. Then, there are different toppings and sprinkles you can put into the cake to make it more delicious. Of course, this is entirely up to the customer on what they’d like. However, you can only unlock the other toppings by watching video ads. But once you do, you can instantly bake any desert that the customer would like!

Incredible graphics – This game wouldn’t be complete without the expressive graphics! This game has one of the best 3D graphics you’ll ever see on a game. The design of the cakes is well-detailed and you can clearly see everything. The effects are also stunning as you will clearly see how everything is made from the ground up.


Addictive gameplay – If you’ve never played any simulation game before, be warned! This is extremely addictive even if you don’t have a single interest in baking! Just one customer request and the next thing you know, you’re fulfilling multiple orders.

Bake It mod APK – Unlimited money + No ads

Want to play Bake It? Download the unlimited money mod now so you can unlock all the ingredients without having to watch video ads.

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