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Bad Trucker 2

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December 21, 2021 (5 mins ago)
Bad Trucker 2
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4

Bad Trucker 2 MOD APK will give you the most unique truck driving experience you’ve ever known. Some people find it good, others find something strange, but all people agree that Bad Trucker 2 brings an unprecedented sense of fun when driving the truck.

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Introduce about Bad Trucker 2

Driving between factories is more complicated than you think!

Driving truck in Bad Trucker 2 is very different from other games

If you’re looking forward to a fiery race between truck and truck, or large 3D images with epic landscapes and shiny trucks, just as seen in the real life. Well… Bad Trucker 2 doesn’t have it.

All of these are just 2D images with a slightly cartoonish design style, with quite retro color tones mixed with industrial style like in factories. From the vehicles to the scenery, to the background, to the dashboard, and that, it’s all the same.

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There is a reason for this strange style. Because in the game, you play the role of an excellent truck driver, who specializes in driving countless trucks per day to rotate materials, components, semi-finished products, resources… back and forth between factories in the valley.

It can be seen that right from the opening situation of Bad Trucker 2 is so different from the truck driving games you usually play. But it’s just the starter, let’s find out more about this game.

You can’t drive right from the beginning

First, you have to borrow a bank loan to buy a truck to drive. With great demand from the factory system crisscrossing the valley, it costs you a good deal to buy. But that’s okay, this debt is quite easy to liquidate if you work hard from the first period. Finishing this debt even saved more money for you to prepare for a new truck.

But that is afterward. In the immediate future, you just have to use what you have.

After having the truck, a large map appears, which is Service Station, Food Factory, Jewelry Factory… There are all kinds of industries, factories, services, centers for supplying different kinds of materials here. Each place plays a different role. It doesn’t matter how they trade with each other, your task is to find the best, smartest Cargo Plan, based on the routes shown between small locations on the map.

For example, you may receive a request from a customer that you need to deliver Food to a nearby mining site. There are 2 ways to go from Food Factory to Mining Area. Road #1 will have to go through 3 places, quite long, but the path is wide and just a straight line. Road #2 goes through only 2 places, it looks shorter, but the path is narrower, not to mention the risk of dropping things on the way. Which option will you choose? The driving principle is that “a straight line is always the shortest path”, even though it may seem longer than a detour. So you should choose the straight path to go to save effort and time-consuming. It will be much easier than you have to turn corners continuously.

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Weighing the pros and cons, determining the exact distance between the destination and the way through will help you find the right path.

But sometimes that’s not enough. You also need to consider many other factors, just as important as determining the length of the road. Is the path difficult? Is there a risk of losing the package before it arrives? Is it stopping too many checkpoints, and then being late for delivery? Is this item convenient to take the smaller road?… All those questions, only you can find the answer for yourself.

Find the way, determine the right direction that you have completed 50% of the challenge.

Driving, a big part of the fun

After choosing the path, the rest is just controlling the truck, going in the right direction, and balancing the time with the game requirements.

Driving in Bad Trucker 2 is shown with 2D images straight from the side of the truck. What you see is the cross-section of the road. The top part of the screen is the score and the stuff that is in your truck. The bottom part is the control area; speed, gear lever, fuel, navigation, brakes… In the middle, occupying most of the area is a massive truck and off-road terrain. This division is not new. But must give a compliment to the arrangement of buttons and detailed controls in this game, there isn’t too much space, but everything is reasonable and convenient for driving.

The game has many different tasks for players to do, and the process of choosing the path before driving to play will also bring a very interesting experience.

It makes it clear that truck driving games aren’t necessarily all about truck driving. It can be so profound and full of tactical.

Truck upgrade

When you get the job done, on time, deliver the goods without any damage, automatically the customers will increase. The good news spread far and wide, many people automatically became your regular customers, and then introduced many new customers. Work progressed well, and from being a debtor to a bank, you will have your own property, with plenty of money in your pocket.

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At this point, you have to think about upgrading your truck better. Buy and upgrade good quality vehicles, strengthen the trunk, change new tires, add more containers, cranes, and all, change trucks with higher speed… You can consider doing those to upgrade your truck to be better. You will conquer all challenges until becoming the truck tycoon of the bustling industrial valley.

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