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Backyard Parking – Stage Two

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Updated on March 10, 2022

Backyard Parking – Stage Two MOD APK will take you on one of the most detailed and exciting simulations of driving and car control available today. Play it to learn more about the driving experience!

Introduce about Backyard Parking – Stage Two

A quality, fast, fun, and easy-to-play driving simulation game!

Backyard Parking – Stage Two is a driving simulation game. The game’s main purpose is to help players get used to driving in real life. Especially one thing that many people are always afraid of: park the car in the right place and put the car neatly in the parking slot.


In Backyard Parking – Stage Two, you own a car and get used to the car controls from the steering wheel, how to accelerate, reverse, turn signal, look in the rearview mirror to keep the distance of the cars… All operations from basic to advanced that require any well-mannered driver are here. You can practice driving through a lot of interesting small tasks that the game offers: put the car in the parking space, get to the destination within the time limit, move on the rough road…

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When completing the task to a certain level, you will unlock new cars. There are more than 50 different vehicles in Backyard Parking – Stage Two. The exciting experience is enhanced with different types of cars from several shapes, sizes, colors to controls. Mastering driving each car, you accumulate more real-life driving experience for yourself or become a professional driver in racing games later.

Not to mention the ability to customize the car is also quite OK. You can’t do too many things nor touch the internal parts, but for players interested in the driving experience, changing the look of each car is so interesting. You can change the car’s paint types, rims, tires, add stickers… and do many other miscellaneous things. Pretty fun too.

The game also offers many daily missions. Compared to the game’s main driving training mission, these daily activities are considered minigames. If you complete them, you will receive special rewards useful for the main quest when you return to the game.

Highly realistic simulation

Quality simulation is part of why people love Backyard Parking – Stage Two. The environment in the game is completely physics calculated before being applied to the game. You can see the wheel wobbling slightly when braking sharply on the road. If the calculation is not done properly and you put the car in the wrong place, and cause a crash with the car parked next to it, you can feel a slight hiss when the two cars collide. Then when shifting gears is not smooth, the car may run strugglingly like an unruly horse. Those movements, those little “incidents” are clearly very similar to real life.

Backyard Parking Stage Two APK download 1440x810

The game’s good physics simulation also helps you imagine the consequences if there was a little carelessness during driving, which helps players be more cautious when driving in real life.

Super beautiful graphics

Backyard Parking – Stage Two is an amazing driving simulation game as the developer invests heavily in 3D graphics. I think it’s no less than a true driving and racing game. The background, the street, the details on the road, especially the shape of each car have both retro and modern qualities, sure this combo will make you sometimes forget you are playing to practice driving the car.

Backyard Parking Stage Two for Android 1440x810

Accompanying that vivid 3D image is also quite quality sound. Not too special and rich like in a racing game, but the sound is properly inserted in the right place, at least not bringing any uncomfortable feeling.

MOD APK version of Backyard Parking – Stage Two

MOD feature

Unlocked Cars

Download Backyard Parking – Stage Two APK & MOD for Android

If you are looking for a “deserted place” to practice parking, practice driving, and master a series of driving maneuvers to go faster in future racing games or to get used to driving in real life, then Backyard Parking – Stage Two will be an option that satisfies you in both gameplay and visuals.

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