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AWS SDK for .NET (Apache License 2.0)

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A useful and reliable development toolkit for creating NET applications for Amazon Web services such as Amazon S3, DynamoDB or Amazon EC2

AWS SDK for .NET is the complete Software Development Kit for building Amazon related applications. It embeds NET APIs, templates, code samples and development tools inside a single package, leveraging the power of Amazon services to the benefit of programmers.

The product was developed by Amazon itself, the same company that built the popular e-shopping platform and the Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are, in fact, the ones targeted by the SDK.

The kit leverages the power of Amazon S3, Amazon EC and DynamoDB, delivering all that is need for developers to take on the challenge of creating applications oriented towards these services.

Despite encasing so many components, AWS SDK for .NET is provided inside a streamlined package that is easy to deploy. During the installation process, you are offered various toolkits, including for .NET, Windows RT and Windows Phone and the AWS Tools, of which you can select only what you need or alternatively, install all of them.

Because AWS is a cloud-based technology, AWS SDK for .NET contains the necessary libraries that can create connections between AWS services and the Windows Phone Apps, benefiting developers of mobile applications.

NET classes can be mapped to Amazon DB in order to retrieve data directly, eliminating the need of third-party components or libraries that would make the process tedious. It also includes an encryption client that codes data prior to uploading it to Amazon and deciphers it upon retrieval.

Through the Glacier ArchiveTransferManager, data transfers are accomplished using an algorithm that divides packets into smaller parts and computes check sums for each of them, thereby streamlining the whole operation.

In conclusion, AWS SDK for .NET makes quite an impression. It relies on a steady architecture of components that work together in order to ease the coding process and to enhance productivity.

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