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AWS SDK for Java 1.12.94 (Apache License 2.0)

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Easily and quickly create Java software on top of Application Programming Interfaces especially tailored for Amazon Web Services

Application developers, especially those involved in putting together apps that are supposed to integrate with various web services, will surely need the most appropriate tools for the job.

For Java programmers who have to create Amazon Web Services compatible software, there is a certain toolkit that can be used and it goes by the name of AWS SDK for Java.

Fully equipped for seamless integration with AWS services and aiming to make the process of coding the apps less tedious, this package is well suited for building programs for Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon EC2 platforms, through the use of the Application Programming Interfaces (API) it bundles.

All the necessary components, libraries and dependencies are part of this toolset and there are also numerous samples to facilitate the development process, as well as adjoining documentation for explaining everything in detail, with examples.

Insofar as the security features are concerned, AWS SDK for Java can provide powerful encryption to keep the code well protected. The API documentation is extensive and describes each package, with all the included interfaces, classes, exceptions, annotations and more.

The AWS Software Development Kit for Java is also ready for implementing fast transfers and optimizing the performance for the apps, thanks to Amazon S3 Transfer Manager and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Client-Side Buffering.

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