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Avira Browser Safety Firefox / Chrome / Opera (Freeware)

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Browse the Internet safely, by installing this add-on that can indicate whether a website is safe or you expose yourself to risks

Avira Browser Safety is a reliable extension, which features compatible versions for several Internet browsers and can indicate safe websites. The add-on uses the Avira antivirus technology and is capable of detecting risks on the websites you visit. Moreover, the tool can easily block untrusted pages.

Quick install and configuration

Avira Browser Safety features separate versions for Firefox, Chrome or Opera and the installation process depends on the type of browser you use. Regardless, the configuration is quick and Avira Browser Safety can start protecting your Internet navigation experience immediately.

The tool is designed to block untrusted websites and indicate whether the pages you visit are safe or if they contain threats. The add-on is represented by a small bar at the top of your browser, which indicates whether or not the website is safe for navigation. The tool can also indicate if your IP is being watched by trackers and block their access.

Customize your browser safety add-on

Avira Browser Safety can also work in hidden mode, if you disable the safety indicator, which is otherwise constantly displayed in your browser. You may also turn Avira offers on or off, to simplify the tool’s task.

The add-on takes less than a second to load each time you open the browser to which it is attached, so the protection is ensured the entire time you keep the navigator opened. The tool can indicate whether a website contains known threats and displays them in a separate list.

Find trackers and deals

Avira Browser Safety is also designed to block the access of online trackers, that monitor your online activity and thus ensure your privacy. Moreover, it can come in handy if you often purchase products off the Internet since it can identify suitable deals for the selected item. While Avira Browser Safety is a reliable extension for Internet security, it should not replace a powerful anti-virus program for your computer.

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