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Avast Decryption Tool for Stampado (Freeware)

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A decryption tool designed to unlock files that were encrypted by the Stampado ransomware and help you remove traces of the infection

Released in the middle of 2016, the Stampado ransomware was sold on the dark web, and multiple variants appeared afterward. Having files you cannot access anymore with the ".locked" extension attached is a sign you might have been a victim of this ransomware. In that case, you can try out the Avast Decryption Tool for Stampado, which might be able to provide assistance in regaining access to your files.

Indicators of a compromised system

Written using AutoIt, Stampado encrypts files of various types, including databases, multimedia files, text documents, and so on, and demands the victim to get in contact with the attacker via email for instructions on how to make the payment. Additionally, it threatens to permanently delete one random file every six hours, and erase them all after 96 hours if no payment is made.

You can get your computer infected with Stampado via spam or suspicious online downloads. The trojan is configured to automatically start with Windows and hide behind what seems a valid Windows process. It spreads throughout the network and has the potential of infecting removable drives as well. Furthermore, it can encrypt files that have been encrypted by other ransomware.

Go through a few steps to have your files decrypted

The Avast Decryption Tool for Stampado provides a post-infection solution that is worth a try. With a wizard-like interface, it guides you through the entire process of decrypting your files, step-by-step.

First, you must select the locations where the encrypted files are found by choosing between individual folders, network or local drives. To reveal Stampado's password, the decryptor requires you to provide the path of an encrypted file and its unencrypted counterpart, which you might have stored inside a backup file, on your email, or somewhere else. Avast Decryption Tool for Stampado compares the two matching files and discloses the encryption key.

A simple utility that tries to decrypt files locked by Stampado

As prevention is much better than repairing, it is ideal to have a permanent antivirus solution to avoid situations when a ransomware trojan takes over your files. Moreover, you have to be cautious and create data backups on a regular basis. Nevertheless, if you got infected by Stampado and want to try to get rid of it, a dedicated decryptor such as Avast Decryption Tool for Stampado might be of help.

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