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Avast Decryption Tool for HiddenTear Ransomware (Freeware)

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Unlock files that were infected by the HiddenTear ransomware and recover your data without having to pay a dime to the cybercriminals

HiddenTear is the famous open-source ransomware whose author  published the code on GitHub as a proof-of-concept and an educational initiative. However, as expected, his actions have been speculated by malware creators, and hundreds extortion attempts relied on HiddenTear. However, if your computer somehow got infected by the HiddenTear infection, which is possible if you do not use a reliable and up-to-date security solution, you can try out Avast Decryption Tool for HiddenTear Ransomware.

A few symptoms of the HiddenTear ransomware

You should be able to recognize a few of the symptoms of the infection pretty easily. When encrypted by HiddenTear, some files on your computer change their extension to one of the following: locked, bloccato, Hollycrypt, unlockit, monstro, krypted, doomed, and the list goes on with similar strings.

Additionally, the ransomware message is created in a text or a HTML file on the desktop. Depending on the ransomware variant, the message might vary.

Try to decrypt your files to restore access to your data

The Avast Decryption Tool for HiddenTear Ransomware works as a wizard that guides you step-by-step in unlocking your AES-encrypted files and restoring access to your data.

First, you have to select the location of the encrypted files by choosing between local and network drivers, or individual folders. If a password needs to be cracked as well, the decryptor prompts you to provide an encrypted file and its original, unencrypted version (which you should have from a previous backup, for instance). Password cracking can take a lot of time and takes up lots of resources, but the progress is saved periodically.

Before starting the decryption, the application asks you whether to save a copy of the encrypted file, so you can restart the process should anything go wrong.

A post-infection solution to get rid of the HiddenTear ransomware

Although the HiddenTear ransomware code was published online, there might still be cases when a PC gets infected by HiddenTear, if not equipped with a proper security solution. Avast Decryption Tool for HiddenTear Ransomware is just a post-infection solution you can try out once you observe the symptoms described above.

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