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Avast Decryption Tool for BigBobRoss (Freeware)

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A dedicated software utility that can help you recover the files that have been encrypted by BigBobRoss ransomware and that you can no longer open

Ransomware infections are on the all over the worlds rise and, since you are advised not to pay the ransom to regain access to your files, you need to find the most suitable solution to recover your data.

Avast Decryption Tool for BigBobRoss is one such utility, especially suitable for those who have been infected by the BigBobRoss ransomware. In this case, your documents are encrypted using AES128 encryption and the new extension ".obfuscated" is added at the end of the filename.

Portable decryption solution

Since this app is a portable one, you do not need to install it on your computer in order to run it. You only need to launch it, even if you keep it on a removable device.

The first step is to select the location where your encrypted data is stored. It can be one or more files and folders, or you can select an entire drive, if you are unsure about which directories have been affected. Moreover, you can even add network drives.

Select an encrypted file and its unaffected counterpart

In order for Avast Decryption Tool for BigBobRoss to be able to efficiently restore your files, you need to load a pair of files: one that was encrypted and has the ".obfuscated" extension and its original counterpart.

On the other hand, if you already know the password for decrypting these documents, you can enter it in the dedicated section and process all your files at the same time, thus saving your time and energy.

To sum things up

In a nutshell, you should always pay great attention while browsing the web, lest your PC ends up infected with various types of malware. However, if you do get infected with ransomware, it is best not to rush into paying the ransom and to look for a dedicated decryption utility first.

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