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Auto Typer 34.1 (Trial)

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Automate your text entry capabilities with this utility that offers hotkey customization for inserting user-defined text snippets and strings

Users who work with a large volume of information and type countless times each day, might need a solution for entering certain text strings on demand. Copying and pasting the required text content where recurrence is applicable isn’t practical and they might lose precious time. Auto Typer is one solution to such problems and it will offer a compact and lightweight tool for defining custom keyboard shortcuts for inserting text strings or snippets.

Minimalist interface that will allow users to define their own string hotkeys with ease

Auto Typer features a basic interface that will not impress through its design, offering a minimum of buttons and tools for defining the string hotkeys. Users might need to look past its crude layout and appreciate the very efficient way it provides for defining and enabling / disabling the preferred keyboard shortcuts.

One will be able to create as many key combination as the keyboard allows and the application will offer plenty customization options for each hotkey individually. Furthermore, in order to increase the accessibility, the utility’s pop-up menu can be called in any other application by using the F6 to F12 keys.

Create custom keyboard shortcuts and automate your typing with this efficient software solution

Clearly the main advantage of using Auto Typer will be the ability to customize the different hotkeys needed for accessing the preferred text string or snippet. Users will be able to create their own keyboard shortcuts and even assign additional comments to their strings.

The application allows one to use the clipboard text when running a hotkey and people are able to define a time delay for the character typing. This way they will be able to to achieve the best results and considerably improve their typing efficiency.

Good application for improving your text entry workflow through customizable hotkeys for strings and snippets

For those who seek a solution for increasing their text entry efficiency, Auto Typer is an app worth looking at. It will provide them with customizable keyboard shortcuts for inserting their preferred text strings or snippets, therefore improving their typing workflow. Being accessible from any application due to its pop-up menu, Auto Typer will be easy to handle in every situation.

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