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Auron SMS Server 2021 Build (Trial)

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This dedicated application will allow users to automatically send, receive and process SMS and e-mail messages, thanks to a series of GSM and SMPP features

Be it that you’re running a campaign or petition and you’re struggling to send content to multiple recipients or, you just need a way of sending SMS and email messages to several persons simultaneously, having to do that manually can be a real troublesome task.

Built for addressing such tasks, Auron SMS Server will provide users with the means of sending multiple SMS and email messages, to several recipients. The sending process can be automated completely, enabling users to both send and receive such messages. One will be able to make use of the app for sending alerts, forwarding content through both SMS or email, remotely control IT infrastructures, perform two-factor authentication, and more.

Both the SMPP and HTTP protocols are supported, for both client and server and the email component will accept SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. In order to send bulk messages from external data sources, such as Databases, Microsoft Excel, or other, the app makes use of a dedicated module.

In order to simplify the learning process, the developer has incorporated a connection to the test gateway, enabling users to have a closer look at what a standard workflow procedure might look like for Auron SMS Server.

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