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Updated on March 30, 2022

AudioLab MOD APK is an app to create ringtones on phones. Through modern, fast, and convenient audio editing tools, you will be able to create an unmatched ringtone for yourself.

Introduce about AudioLab

Create your own ringtone with AudioLab – the Most Advanced, Modern, Fast Audio Editor, Ringtone Maker!

Sometimes you will need to create many different types of ringtones for your mobile phone. When you want to make ringtones, regardless of form, from any sound source, you will need an app that specializes in doing this, with all the customization features, highly personalized, like AudioLab.

What is AudioLab?

AudioLab is an app that helps you compose your own ringtones for mobile phones. Using modern yet simple-to-use audio editing tools, you’ll be able to create any type of sound you want.

Specifically, the audio editing tools in AudioLab include:

  • Audio Trimmer: cut, paste, copy, add fade-in / fade-out effects…
  • Audio Mixer: mixing 4 types of maximum sounds in one place, changing the rhythm speed, changing the pitch
  • AudioLab also has advanced audio adjustment features such as Noise Suppressor, Automatic Gain, and Skip Silence… ensuring you can control every sound.
  • A variety of options for sound effects are already made, just click to hear the effect immediately. The sound effects are available in AudioLab in a minimalist and modern style, ensuring you can recognize the original tune, but in a completely different style. Some popular sound effects include Echo, Whoosh, Reverb, 3D Audio…
  • Voice editing tool: in case you want to make a ringtone with someone’s voice, but you want to edit it a bit to make it attractive and smooth or in a funny way, you can use this tool. Some of the most popular voice editing effects on AudioLab today include Helium, Drunk, Chipmunk & many fun effects for your voice.

After editing with each process, you can listen to it again with the Preview function button to see how the original song has changed and what editing steps need to be done.

Record audio in the same high quality as the original

Unlike some other audio editors, applying too many effects or using a variety of editing tools can reduce the sound quality compared to the original file. In AudioLab there is no such situation. The audio after editing and after exporting is still the same quality as the original file.

AudioLab is also strong incompatibility with many types of audio files, such as mp3, wave, flac, m4a, aac, ogg… Anytime you find a piece of your favorite music in any default extension, you can open it and start editing details in AudioLab.

Text To Speech & Speech to text

AudioLab also has a pretty unique feature that can convert between text and voice formats, based on the default voice options available in the app library. You can make yourself a lot of phone ringtones with this funny feature.

Noise Removal & Audio Normalize

You don’t always stay in a quiet, noise-free place like a studio. But now with AudioLab, you won’t be worried anymore because this app has a simple and handy tool to remove any noise from audio and normalize it for quality listening.

MOD APK version of AudioLab

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download AudioLab APK & MOD for Android

Just a modern ringtone maker app, but AudioLab’s well-equipped, fast-paced and easy-to-use toolset will help you do more than just make ringtones.

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