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AtomicClock (Ad-supported)

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Know the exact time by turning to this application that retrieves the corresponding information from NTP servers, which are based on atomic clocks

If you want to synchronize your clocks, you probably understand that it is best to have a reliable source of information that can provide you with precise details.

In the situation depicted above you can turn to AtomicClock that can help you by offering highly accurate time and date information.

Quick setup

Installing this program on your computer can be done easily since no additional nor complicated configuration is required on your side.

The only necessary steps are navigating to the product page on Windows Store and clicking the dedicated Install button, as the rest of the process unfolds automatically without your further assistance.

Minimalistic interface

Since the purpose of AtomicClock is to provide you with accurate date and time information, its interface does not encompass many interactive functions.

Its main window displays the current date and two different time modes: an analog and a digital one. Its monochromatic design makes it easy to look at, without stressing your eyes too much.

Based on atomic clocks

You can turn to this program if you need a reliable application to provide you with the exact time since this program synchronizes its data with NTP servers that are based on atomic clocks. Knowing the exact time can be useful whenever you want to synchronize multiple clocks and want to see which one of them is gaining or losing time.

If you are not satisfied with the default settings, you can modify the time server by either choosing your favorite one from the combo menu inside the Settings section or adding a custom one by clicking the plus-shaped button.

Handy configuration menu

Aside from its accurate time telling ability, this program also provides you with a handy configuration menu where you can customize various settings.

Some of them include modifying the clock face and hands, choosing a preferred live tile model, toggling milliseconds, enabling the visibility of the analog clock in the main window and activating acoustic ticking.

Lightweight app that can provide you with the exact time based on atomic clocks

All things considered, AtomicClock is a reliable application that can provide you with the exact time by retrieving the corresponding information from servers that are synchronized with atomic clocks. It comes with a minimalistic, yet effective interface that packs a few interactive functions and lets you customize some of its parameters.

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