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December 1, 2021 (13 mins ago)

Still being a zombie fighting game, but its graphics and special designs have made Area-Z APK have its own charm and make a special impression on players.

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Introduce about Area-Z

Deal with a bunch of weapons in hundreds of zombie battles!


Area-Z opens the dark context of Earth in 2031, after a terrible virus disaster. Wherever this virus spreads, people will turn into zombies. Their minds are controlled by the virus that wants to drink human blood. Almost all of humanity has perished or has been turned into zombies. A few lucky people (who survived or had immunity to the virus) have gathered in a group.

They have to struggle to find ways to protect themselves in the zombie-infested cities while trying to find a cure against the virus infection to hope to restore human civilization and save the world from death. To make this process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, private military companies and groups of mercenaries have joined together to fight against zombies, protecting the scientists who are spending every hour every minute on the study.


The entire story in Area-Z takes place in New York City, where the darkest zombie disaster takes place and also where the war against zombies to protect humanity officially begins.


Area-Z is a top-down third-person shooter with overcast 3D graphics. Your enemy is a horde of zombies that appear more and are fiercer. In fighting zombies, there will always be bombardment, shooting, and heavy defenses. You know, zombies are not like humans, they just sniff blood and come. So, to survive, you have to do everything you can, from fighting to hiding.

The first thing that Area-Z gives me is the thrill to the end of the shooting screen. The dark space in the game also adds to the thrill. In every corner of the vast New York City, any place can turn into a battlefield, at any time. The phases of stalking, observation, the sound of footsteps and screams from far and near sometimes make me cringe, especially when playing at night.

As a warrior protecting researchers, you will experience hundreds of terrifying battles against zombies. Each time you win and pass the scene, you will loot a series of valuable survival items, from weapons, equipment to defense technologies.

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Each weapon obtained in the game will have a different destructive power. The rate of fire, the reload speed, and the number of bullets in each shot are also different. For each type, choosing to attack directly or snip from a distance will also flexibly change. Therefore, unlike other shooting games where the terrain decides the strategy, in Area-Z, the decisive factor seems to be the type of weapon you are holding in your hand.

After each victory, in addition to getting weapons, you can accumulate some new abilities. At the same time, you can upgrade means of transportation as increasingly strong combat supports such as trolleys, pistol towers, spike traps, bombs, obstacles to stop the zombies.

The game mode in Area-Z is also quite rich. Either style is available: Survival, Defense, and Game Mastery. These three game modes are enough to satisfy all the fighting styles of players. Depending on the selected mode, each person will offer different battle strategies.

Graphics and sound

Area-Z’s rather dark and somewhat squiggly 3D visuals actually made me a bit bored at first. But when I played it, I absorbed the developer’s intentions. In the midst of the creepy atmosphere where the smog is spreading, and everything is hazy, the sudden appearance of zombies makes it easier for players to lose the battle. And each time you fire the gun, the light from the barrel and the different types of bullets will shine in the dark background. And the player will be so happy with the feeling of achievement.

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The top-down view also contributes significantly to the climax. The movement of the character is not very smooth, the game speed in my opinion is not too fast nor too slow. In general, it is comfortable to play, not too stressful, but enough for players to achieve the best feeling of the shooting screen.

The sound is just right, not too detailed, not too epic, but enough to highlight the heroic battle phases.

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In short, you should play it. If you have a special interest in zombie topics and love shooting but don’t want to be too stressed, the strategy that comes out of each weapon is also a strange dish you should try out.

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