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ArcESB (formerly RSSBus Connect) 2021 21.0 Build 7964 (Demo)

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The application acts as an integration solution that simplifies end-to-end data connectivity with EDI, MFT & application connectivity

What's new in ArcESB (formerly RSSBus Connect) 2021 21.0 Build 7964:

Major Features: Added: Health Checks are now performed hourly. These checks trigger alerts based on the size of the Application Database, memory usage, disk usage, and the number of files in single folders.

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ArcESB is an advanced integration solution that permits you to connect data and facilitates end-to-end data connectivity without coding. The tool is mostly aimed at EDI and this is why it provides full support for all major EDI standards, documents and protocols. It is also compatible with MTF to ensure a secure audit file transfers across the organization.

Considering that the quality of the integration ultimately depends on the quality of the connectors, the application packs hundreds of robust pre-built ports that are compatible with enterprise apps, including SaaS, RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

A further noteworthy feature is the self-service integration that is designed to go beyond the A2A & B2B connectivity. Consequently, you can configure the workflows responsible for the data across applications and processes via the simplified mapping and translation options. Moreover, you can connect all your on-premises and cloud apps as well as move them around as necessary.

According to the developer, the integration solution is part of CData Software and it is deemed trustworthy by numerous well-known companies and organizations, including Ernst & Young (E&Y), NASA, Intel, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Harvard, Michelin and Disney, just to name a few.

Limitations in the unregistered version

30-day trial Limited functionality, namely: Graphical Flow Designer Logical Connectors Transformation Connectors Database Connectivity Basic Secure File Transfer

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