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AnyMirror 1.0.0 20211022 (Demo)

9 months ago 37

Mirror your phone's screen or camera right to your computer with this intuitive app, built to turn your mobile device into a webcam, and more

What's new in AnyMirror 1.0.0:

Support high-resolution screen mirroring from Android/iOS to PC/Mac in real time. Support mirror the camera of phone & tablet to computer and turn it as an external webcam. Support mirror the microphone of phone & tablet to computer and turn it as an external mic. Support cast online media in video, audio and other apps on phone & tablet to computer.

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Smartphones are an indispensable tool in this day and age. Their capabilities are constantly evolving, and it's up to us to leverage that. Thanks to the power of today's phones, linking them to your computer through screen mirroring brings forth a lot of added functionality.

Pairing the two devices allows you to harness the strengths of both simultaneously, but what kind of apps would facilitate that? AnyMirror is an option to consider, as it's a program made for casting the content on your phone to your computer screen.

Simple mirroring

This is a straightforward app, and you'll notice that upon first starting it. Mirroring your screen is thus a simple affair: upon clicking on the designated tab, you'll be asked if your device is an iOS or an Android. We only had an iOS device to test, but we assume the easy process would carry over to an Android phone.

Upon connecting it via USB and approving the connection, the mirroring started without fault. You are also able to pair your phone and computer through Wi-Fi, but keep in mind that both have to be in the same network.

After that, we were able to annotate and highlight elements on the video feed from the app, all in real-time. Whatever we did on our smartphone was mirrored to our computer, including the audio. Thanks to this software, we were also able to record and capture screenshots of those contents.

Use your phone as a webcam

The app affords you the possibility to use your mobile device's camera and mirror it to your computer. Through this, you can have your computer act as a secondary viewfinder for your smartphone's front or rear camera.

You can thus have a better webcam by simply linking your phone to your computer, and you can stream it to popular online meeting services, such as Teams, Zoom, and more. Annotating and audio sharing are also possible.

In conclusion, AnyMirror is a program you can reliably use to cast the contents on your phone to your computer. The integration with videoconferencing services and the ability to annotate in real-time brings a lot of added value to an already attractive offer.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONBasic: 20 minutes max. daily mirroring time 1 mirror source only With watermark SD resolution only Standard (requires account): 40 minutes max. daily mirroring time 2 mirror sources only Remove watermark, but cannot customize it SD resolution only

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