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Updated on January 4, 2022 (7 mins ago)

Never before has a shooter on mobile grown so powerful and diverse, a typical example is Annihilation Mobile APK, which allows you to play survival with 59 other people at the same time creating a monumental and extremely fierce arena.

Introduce about Annihilation Mobile

Survival fantasy battlefield shooter


In the future 2030, a secret organization named Council is plotting many ambitions to invade Earth and the whole galaxy. Many strange incidents appear one after another: alien landings, unnatural deaths… It all seems to be related to the Council. As a heroic warrior, you have the task of discovering things with your teammates. Fight countless powerful soldiers and fierce aliens to find out the truth of the enemy, eradicate the Council organization, and protect the peaceful world.

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Game mode

In shooting games, I often talk a lot about the game mode. Because this is a great part of the excitement for players. Each mode is often associated with a different goal and limit. So the experience and the stimulation it brings are completely different. An epic wide-area shooter like Annihilation Mobile, the more I have to talk about the game mode.

Annihilation Mobile simply has 2 game modes:

  • Team Battle 5v5
  • Survival battle with up to 60 players.

In a 5v5 team battle, you will form a team of 5 (choose with friends or let the game automatically pair with 4 other online players). The two teams play against each other, the team with the higher score at the end of the game wins. The 5v5 mode in Annihilation Mobile comes with competitive mechanics and eSport matches.

For survival, you will be put on a large map with other players (up to 60 people). And the last one who survived is the winner.

Lots of powerful weapons for players

Annihilation Mobile is a high-speed shooting game. Still the bombardment without stopping, the smoke-smoke battlefield with tons of heavy weapons and high-quality images and sound, but the game has given a few big differences that other shooters.

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The number of weapons of Annihilation Mobile is immeasurable. Each type has a different design, shape, destructive power, and ability to improve. The beauty of the game is the blend of different cultures, from ancient to modern and futuristic. Accordingly, the costumes, character designs, and even weapons have many kinds such as swords, knives, rifles, sniper rifles, even impossibly weapons like the magic eyes that launch lasers. Sometimes it’s hand-held weapons like swords and guns, sometimes non-removable items like a body part or a piece of armor. The fighting style of each character is therefore unpredictable. And to master each such weapon you have to spend quite a bit of time. Every time you play again, try to transform into a different character and then fight until you get used to it, it will be a dramatic experience.

Lots of powerful weapons and even upgraded through rounds make the battlefield in Annihilation Mobile always on fire, bringing many exciting for players.

Each character in Annihilation Mobile is shaped completely differently. Without going into depth to tell the origin and background of each person, after choosing the character you can fight right away. But thanks to the beautiful shaping, and each character’s own unique skills, so no matter who you choose, it’s always a memorable feeling.

This game will get players very addicted when playing

The second point that I like about this game is that it brings a sense of comparison and a burning desire to win in each player. For example, you choose character A and you think your character is very strong. But when entering the battle, witness some melee combat from another player. You will see that your character is not powerful enough and wonder why other players’ character is so strong, next time you will play again and choose that character. So when playing you will always have a new desire for the next match.

Annihilation Mobile has more than 60 such characters, in the future, there will be more. Moreover, it will have many new weapons, many new maps, and global tournaments happening every day. So it seems that this game will get you very addicted and take up lots of your time playing.

Graphics and images

The graphics quality in Annihilation Mobile is very good because it is a cross-platform game from the beginning. Massive shooting effects with vivid battlefield sound, clear sound details, smooth and fast character movements. Character creation is also very great, with such a large number of characters, personalizing each one of them is already something to be commended for.

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The most impressive of Annihilation Mobile in addition to shaping the character of the survival mode is also a series of powerful weapons. Each item is described in detail, clearly to each angle. Weapons in the game have no limits, along with equipment and appearance has made up excellent characters. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen when playing.

Annihilation Mobile has both first-person and third-person perspectives. The way the character moves and fights in each perspective is also a bit different, and the player’s feeling, therefore, is also different. This is also a good point in the design of the game.

Download Annihilation Mobile APK for Android

If “flashy” and “intense” are your two keywords when looking for a shooter to play, Annihilation Mobile is very suitable and will completely satisfy you. Even more, this amazing game has a series of strengths in terms of many characters, powerful weapons, and exciting and attractive two game modes. Let’s download Annihilation Mobile to play right away.

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