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Anki 2.1.49 (AGPL)

11 months ago 30

Make media-rich memorization cards for different-profile users for learning information in the most optimal way possible, with a multi-platform app that allows cross-device synchronization

What's new in Anki 2.1.49:

Fixed cards not being automatically unburied when v3 scheduler enabled Fixed incorrect learning count in v3 scheduler when interday learning cards were queued (thanks to Rumo) Work around an AnkiDroid inconsistency causing deck config to be reset if options edited on AnkiDroid Fixed a memory leak in the Preview screen (thanks to Hikaru)

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Anki is an application that can be used by anyone who wants to take notes, memorize different pieces of information, and alternate the exposure to different contents for learning new things and not forgetting the ones you already know.

About the application and how to get started with it

The program is free of cost and a multi-platform resource that is available for Windows OS, macOS, and various Linux distributions. Moreover, you can install Anki both on Android and Apple smartphones for keeping your information always at hand. Additionally, you can use the synchronization feature for keeping data in sync across devices.

The tool allows you to create different digital flashcards that reveal an answer or take input (all assigned to different decks), add different kinds of information to your cards, insert color flags for recognizing them faster, as well as attach tags to your data, for identifying various contents a lot faster and easier.

Plus, the application has a management panel that is suitable for scheduling and rescheduling different learning sessions, switching between decks, editing note types, checking answer statistics, and others.

Anki allows you to import and export data, and it supports the following formats: regular text separated by tabs or semicolons, XML, PAU.GZ (Pauker 1.8 Lesson), DB (Mnemosyne 2.0 Deck),  and ZIP/APKG/COLPKG (Packaged Anki Deck/Collection).

Use case scenarios and what you could use Anki for

The learning application is suitable for a plethora of scenarios and when it comes to its usability, everything comes down to your creativity. For example, if you are a teacher and want to help your students practice more comfortably, by themselves, you can create the card structure, add the information, and export the data in a convenient file format. After that, your students can install the free program and easily import your arrangements.

Also, if you are a researcher, you can use Anki for storing, managing, and analyzing over 100,000 cards from one deck. Furthermore, the app allows you to embed links, specific markups, visual content (photo and video), and audio.

Final considerations

Anki is an application that is excellent for learning and teaching new skills and information to others. Because it is open source and multi-platform, anyone can use it. Also, you can create multiple profiles from within the same interface, add multiple decks, fully customize your flashcards, and create various answering methods (recognizing images, sounds, inputting data, matching patterns, etc.).

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