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AmigosCode – Mastering Kubernetes 2021-7

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Mastering Kubernetes is a project-oriented training course centered on the Kubernetes Container Management Platform, published by AmigosCode Academy. Kubernetes is the most popular and widely used container management and development platform developed by Google. In this training course, you will learn the working method of Kubernetes and its main applications, and you will use it in a real project together with the instructor. Among the most important educational topics of this course are the concept of Pod and how to use it, the initial launch of the platform, services, ConfigMap, Secret, Valium, Service Discovery, etc. The course content is presented in a completely practical way, and together with the instructor, you will develop a full-stack application, and you will use the architecture of microservices to develop different parts of the application.

What you will learn in Mastering Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes and its application in various applications Container management and scheduling Familiarity with the components and the main performance of Kubernetes Introduction to Pod and its definition Launch the Kubernetes cluster Familiarity with services ConfigMap Restrict role-based access Microservice architecture And…

Course specifications

Publisher: AmigosCode
Instructors: Nelson
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 103
Duration: 8 hours and 28 minutes

Mastering Kubernetes Course topics

Getting Started
Exploring k8s Cluster
Deployment and Rolling Updates
Labels, Selectors and Annotations
Service Discovery
Volumes & Storage
Health Checks
Resource Management
Jobs & Cron Jobs


Mastering Kubernetes

Mastering Kubernetes introduction video

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