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Amazon ElastiCache Command Line Toolkit 2.3.0 / 1.21.3 (Apache License 2.0)

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A toolset that enables users to execute Amazon ElastiCache APIs with simple commands. through integration with Amazon CloudWatch, customers get enhanced visibility into the key performance statistics associated with their cache

Amazon ElastiCache Command Line Toolkit is a handy collection of tools that consists of a wide variety of utilities that can be used in Cache Cluster management tasks.

This comprehensive collection of utilities also comes with some information regarding deployment and usage of its various components, which is a must, considering that there's several tools, each with its own purpose and utilization mode.

It goes without saying that, given the technical nature of the tools that are included in this package, Amazon ElastiCache Command Line Toolkit is mainly aiming to help advanced computer users, such as programmers or software developers ease their work by providing them with everything they need.

The applications bundled in this package come with no Graphical User Interface (GUI), but with a Command Line Interface (CLI), which is one more reason they're more suitable for advanced computer users such as the ones mentioned above.

The collection of tools is portable, meaning that you don't need to install them on your computer in order for them to run. You just have to unpack the archive they come in and launch them through a command line environment such as DOS or Bash. Amazon ElastiCache Command Line Toolkit requires Java Runtime Environment in order to run.

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