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Always On Edge Mod APK 6.4.7 (Pro unlocked)

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Ora Hart - 29/11/2021

Don’t have light on your Samsung phone? Download Always on Edge on your phone now and have free notification light as well as customizable wallpapers!

There are billions of people who have smartphones today. Practically everyone has phones even some kids! But if you have a smartphone and have encountered a problem with your notification light and other LED settings, then you should download Always on Edge for free on Android.

Always on Edge Mod APK

This app has everything you need and more to customize your Android experience. In this app, you can change the way your light and LED settings work. You can have a free notification light for your phone, customize your LED light for charging, wallpaper, music and more. You can also change your clock display and use the app to show many effects. There are so many colors, styles and effects you can achieve while using the app. You can even use it to adjust brightness and more.

Customize Your LED Settings

If you have a smartphone now, it’s not a good feeling to have certain features be unavailable. But if you have an app such as Always on Edge, you can customize and fix a lot of your settings easily. In this app, you can do a lot of things such as change the wallpaper, lock screen lock, headset, music experience, calls, recent apps, and many more.

Always on Edge APK Latest Version

In this one, you can even change the notification colors, notification brightness, lightning settings and more. Customize your light settings in your phone to show different styles, colors and effects. You can also find wallpapers and different things here. In this app, you can change the colors and even add many to the mix. There are also other things you can do in this app that you can’t find elsewhere.

Features of Always on Edge

There is nothing more annoying than having your LED display become broken. There are a lot of fun things you can do in Always on Edge. Here’s how:

Always on Edge APK Free Download

LED Notification light – It really is a nuisance if your smartphone doesn’t function like it should. With billions of people dependent on their phones for their every day work or personal use, it’s a necessity for their phones to function well always. But sometimes, accidents happen and one of these accidents could be your notification light suddenly broken. But thanks to Always on Edge, you can now have a notification light on your phone working 24/7! This app is capable of so much more than you think. Aside from the simple LED light, it allows you to change so many things.

Variety of styles and colors – With this simple app, you can change your notification light to so many styles and colors and effects. From the simple notification light to more sophisticated ones – you can achieve different styles. You can even mix and match different colors to enable as your notification light! Set it around the notch or throughout the whole phone – the choice is yours.

Download Always on Edge For Android

Wallpapers – In this app, you can also find wallpapers! Thanks to the app, you can find different wallpapers for your phone to use.

Change many settings – The app is capable of letting you set reminders and notification for alarms. You can also adjust the brightness regardless of lighting. You can also adjust the sleeping time, Do Not Disturb mode and so on.

Always on Edge Mod APK – Latest version

Always on Edge is a useful app that allows you to customize your LED notification light. Download the latest version now and enjoy the app

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