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All Video Downloader 7.7.2 (Trial)

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An application that allows you to download online videos by simply copying their URL and also to convert files to a multitude of formats

There are a lot of situations where we would wish we had our favorite online content available to view offline. There are multiple scenarios, but the main problem in all of them would be the absence of an internet connection.

All Video Downloader is a neat tool that can help you download your favorite video content. Featuring a simple, light interface with intuitive commands, this program can be of great use for you.

Download videos with ease

The application supports hundreds of websites, including the popular YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook. The download process is pretty straightforward, as you just need to copy and paste the URL and you are ready to begin.

If there is a playlist of videos that you wish to get, you don't need to download each of them individually. You have the option of downloading the entire playlist at once, making it much quicker and more convenient to get your favorite content.

Various options

If you want to download a music video, chances are that you only want the audio from it. In this case, you can simply select the option that will do just that, so you can get the song without any video material.

All Video Downloader also works as a converter, with a plethora of supported formats at your disposal. Not only can you download files directly as whatever formats you want, but you can also convert those you already have on your PC.

And the conversion is not limited only to video formats. It supports a multitude of audio file types as well and can also convert to formats specific to a certain device, like an iPhone for example.


The program really is neat and can help you greatly if you want to download online videos. There are a lot of other applications available, but All Video Downloader holds its own with the number of features it offers.

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