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Alive In Shelter

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Updated on January 4, 2022 (2 mins ago)

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Alive In Shelter
pokulan Wojciech Zomkowski
Unlimited Money
Android 4.1

Alive In Shelter MOD APK is a game of pokulan Wojciech Zomkowski. It is considered one of the best indie games on mobile in 2017 with its appeal.

Introduce about Alive In Shelter

Are you ready to survive on a deserted island?

Survival on Island is not a strange topic, but in this game, the approach is extremely good

No one knows what will happen and what they will face in the future. The best way to play is that you need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge to protect yourself first. That is the philosophy of the creator of this game. It seems too fitting for what the whole world is going through in the past two years. Let’s see what this game has.

Alive In Shelter MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The simulation game is good, detailed, and surprisingly reasonable. And there are also countless unexpected situations that make you think and hesitate a lot. Alive In Shelter deserves a lot of praise.


The modern world of technology makes people’s lives more comfortable, but at the same time brings risks. One day in the future, the atomic bomb war broke out. The whole city was destroyed in an instant. Spreading across the earth is now danger and death. There is no longer a place for humans to live. You are one of the lucky survivors. What will you do to survive in this extreme situation?

The script doesn’t sound strange. But the way Alive In Shelter poses problems and leads players to solve them will make you realize that life around is more difficult than you think. Even breathing can be a problem because the air above the ground had become toxic after the violent blasts of atomic bombs. In such a situation, the main character can find a way out. There is an underground passage leading to a deserted island where you may still have a chance to live. It is uncertain whether you will get there, and it is not clear when the toxic remnants will spread to this place. But at least there’s a chance and you want to try. Everything in Alive In Shelter will begin when the character and his family prepare the essential things for their journey to the deserted island.

Alive In Shelter APK download 1440x810

There are also many hardships along the way. But then again, luckily, you cross that seemingly endless stretch of road. You and your family have reached the deserted island. This is when the game begins.

You may think that the battle for survival is lighter now, but it is more intense and tough. You have to take advantage of everything. From the skills, the ability to solve problems, creativity, logical thinking along with the most rudimentary objects just found on this island. Team up to fight the challenge of the deserted island. The ultimate task now is to survive as long as possible, to keep yourself and your family safe.

Valuable suggestions

When entering the game, you must make the most of your ability to observe and remember. Somewhere in each scene, Alive In Shelter always offers hidden hints. It can take the form of a conversation you have with a family member (for example, they tell you that a while ago on the road, they discovered something). Or maybe it’s somewhere in the more important items that you might miss.

My experience with this game is that you don’t skim over anything, even the smallest thing. They can be the key to your important decisions later on. For example, an exit, a trail, a tool that can help you make a weapon…

Crafting – the indispensable element for survival

The first unique function in Alive In Shelter must be Crafting. This skill helps you automatically connect and combine seemingly useless items into useful items. There aren’t any rules or regulations. You can find any item and from there, create many interesting items for your battle for survival. So, remember! Don’t miss any details. Cross the dark deserted island and collect all the objects you see on the way. Think and brainstorm to put them together. It all depends on your creativity.

In this game, you can make everything yourself: Gas mask, pollution meter, radio & tv, ax, gun & ammunition, furnace & distillery, water filter, workbench work, tablecloth, potatoes, vodka, telephone. And then there’s a rocket station full of fuel.

The resources on the deserted island are also quite abundant. Remember to collect them as much as possible because they are the core of all crafting. Wood, iron, gasoline, oil, copper mines… All is for you.

Find your own source of life

Going to a deserted island, the first thing you do must be to collect items and craft tools to create a safe haven for the whole family. After making it, leave it there and then come back to upgrade again.

Then to ensure a new life, you and your family need to maintain a source of food and drink. Collect food from all over the island, gather it all in one place, sort it out. Assign members to plant (potatoes, carrots…), cook, hunt wild animals, make water tanks…

Alive In Shelter for Android 1440x810

Up to a certain level, your shelter will consist of 5 rooms, a garden, and the outer wilderness. You will spend several days, in turn, exploring all the items in each section and getting to know everything on the deserted island.

But that’s still not enough. Although this place has escaped from the toxic environment of nuclear and atomic weapons, there are other dangers waiting. Ghosts, mysterious figures, wild animals, and extreme weather… all of which can put you and your family in danger. Be careful and consider all possibilities.

Game mode

In Alive In Shelter, you can play solo or play deathmatch online with friends. Make a mark on the survival rankings and compare your survival time with many players around the world. In the past with a similar genre, I only played alone and thought that was the best way to play as I could quietly consider and solve problems evenly. But in Alive In Shelter, you can also play online with your friends. I tried it and found that it brought a very different and interesting experience in its own way. Because when you team up with another person, you are paired with a new worldview, with new skills, perspectives, and solutions. For the same thing, both can look in different directions leading to different solutions, you can complement each other, but can also go to the end together.

So, it’s exciting, suspenseful, and even more thrilling. You should try, it is very good.

MOD APK version of Alive In Shelter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Alive In Shelter APK & MOD for Android

It is a survival game with deep 8-bit graphics and a lot to learn and explore. Playing Alive In Shelter, you will realize that the survival skills you have gained from reality, or even in previous games, are just the tip of the iceberg. The remaining 80% is waiting for you to discover in Alive In Shelter. 

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