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AlgoExpert – Machine Learning Coding Questions 2022-3

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In the Machine Learning Coding Questions course, you will practice what you need to pass machine learning coding interviews. There are currently 10 ML coding questions. But don’t let that small number fool you. These are not your typical coding questions. You will spend a lot of time working on these enticing treasures. Some of the questions are: K Nearest Neighbors, Classify Trucks, Predict Cancellations, Sparse Matrix Multiplication and… Question categories include mathematical and model concepts, model applications and data processing.

In every coding question, you will find integrated 3- and 4-part workspace. Simply put, an integrated workspace means you have all the tools you need to process and solve problems. MLExpert workspace includes windows such as: prompt, scratchpad, solutions, video explanations. You’ll also find hints, an area to write your solutions, and another area where you post your code to see the output in real time. Then you’ll discover features like font size selection, light/dark mode, and syntax highlighting. You can even choose which text editor you want to use (Sublime, Emacs or Vim).

Machine Learning Coding Questions course is suitable for people who

  • Those preparing for machine learning interviews
  • Experienced ML professionals who want to further their skills
  • A professional without a ML background who wants to be fluent in ML

Course details

Publisher: AlgoExpert

English language

Training level: introductory to advanced

Number of courses: 10

Training duration: 2 hours and 16 minutes

Course headings

AlgoExpert - Machine Learning Coding Questions


Some questions include:

  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Classify Trucks
  • Predict Cancellations
  • Sparse Matrix Multiplication


Machine Learning Coding Questions

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