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October 11, 2021 (1 week ago)
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4

AirportPRG MOD APK is a rather strange career simulation game where you experience airport management. By playing the game, you will be able to see the whole space of a large airport, join in the management of all functional departments in the airport. It seems to be easy to play but managing everything at the same time is not easy at all.

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Introduce about AirportPRG

8 years of experience in operating a world-renowned international airport!


AirportPRG puts you in the role of an airport manager of the Prague airport set in the 1930s – 1940s. Your mission is to control air traffic, manage airport staff, assign and coordinate functions to ensure smooth and efficient airport operation.

AirportPRG APK download 1440x810

The game will help you experience the development of Prague Ruzyne International Airport from a humble beginning. This is also the common path and development model of all international airports in the world.


Initially, you only have a modest area for the construction and operation of the airport. There are few active aircraft, the runway is also a grass runway, the infrastructure is only at a basic level, and working manpower is also very limited.

In this stage, your main task is to control the airport. Let the aircraft know when to land and take off. Allocate personnel to flights and take ground operations to ensure good coordination between the control station and aircraft.

With all your enthusiasm for customer care and safety in flights and an effective division of staff, the airport is growing day by day. You will have more funds to expand, upgrade flight routes, attract more domestic and international flights, and attract airlines to join the airport. Also do not forget to take care of VIP customers. You should handle requests well, limit guest complaints. Gradually, you bring the airport’s standards to a higher level than the first day.

With the responsibility of flight management, you will train professional ground staff. They must act quickly, accurately, report the time of landing/ taking off, and refuel the aircraft … Then you are responsible for being the one who imparts knowledge and trains a skilled team to operate the airport on their own. This is also the department that is primarily responsible for the safety of each flight. And is the most important part that creates the prestige value of the airport.

AirportPRG MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

As the airport expands in size, the service needs to be diversified as well. You expand a wide range of services from ground to flight such as express air transportation, support services for the elderly alone on flights, special services for business cabins. Every effort contributes to the long-term success of the airport.

Expand the airport to reap huge profits

The more you expand the airport, the more prestige you have in all functions, the more money you will earn. Money is used to upgrade the staff of the departments, especially the management level. Now you will have the opportunity to hire talented professional managers to reduce your burden of work. The money is also used to upgrade routes, infrastructure in the airport (storage rooms, technical rooms), and hire more staff, always ensuring to meet the increasing workload.

The more you expand and upgrade and renovate, the more opportunities you have to attract more investment. And continuously, your airport has strong long-term development, becoming one of the most famous international airports in the world.

AirportPRG will take you through a total of 8 levels, one for each year, simulating the important real-life historical events experienced by Prague Ruzyne International Airport. You will enjoy countless hours of playing through these 8 memorable years. Each stage has its own beauty to discover and its own difficulty to discover.

AirportPRG uses 3D graphics to represent all developments. The initial airport scene appears quite monotonous, like a map of functional areas. But later on, when you build a monumental empire, the poor airport now has become busy. In which, people are busy 24/24, planes are constantly landing and taking off, airlines race to book seats in the airport. At this point, you will clearly see the 3D graphics showing its strength.

AirportPRG for Android 1440x810

The small figures walking around the airport, planes landing, and taking off in the distance… all look very real. The infrastructure is constantly growing or being renewed, making the overall look better day by day. Super attractive! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a career simulation game that uses such a great 3D design like this.

AirportPRG also brings you the opportunity to admire a collection of classic aircraft that have only been seen in movies and documentaries before. This is also a pretty cool experience. One more reason to play this game, right?

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