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Updated on January 7, 2022 (5 mins ago)

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AFK Dungeon
Increase Damage/Defense
Android 4.4

One morning when you wake up lazy with a sluggish mood, what will you do? Well, I suggest you open a super lazy game that you can play with just one finger but can still fight fiercely, like AFK Dungeon MOD APK.

Introduce about AFK Dungeon

A rarity in the dungeon role-playing series!

AFK Dungeon is specified as an Idle Action RPG. In such a game, you only need to use one hand to manipulate and control everything. But unlike other idle games, the pace, rhythm, and combat mechanics in AFK Dungeon are not idle at all. On the contrary, they are very thrilling and attractive.


Playing AFK Dungeon, your main task is not too new compared to the role-playing genre. As a hero, you adventure through lands to kill monsters, explore dungeons, collect strange animals as companions, accumulate items, upgrade weapons, and upgrade heroes. But what will surprise you is that all those things that seem very complicated and require a lot of effort can be controlled with just one hand on a mobile screen. 

AFK Dungeon for Android

What you must do is just to slide up and down the screen to move, repeatedly click on the enemy to attack or release massive damage moves. For these two movements, even with one hand, you can still play comfortably. It doesn’t require you to focus on the game too much, nor does it require spending too much time in a battle. Everything in AFK Dungeon is quite concise, very easy to understand and manipulate.

And even with such lazy manipulation, the feeling of fighting is still full of joy, and the challenge is still as dramatic as usual.

What made this fascinating contrast?

Upgrade system

Every time you successfully defeat a monster, you will get a bonus. Use this bonus to upgrade new weapons and armor or unlock powerful monstrous companions. Every time you change weapons and upgrade, your appearance also changes significantly, and you will become stronger and knightlier. AFK Dungeon offers a wide range of weapons and equipment. However, compared to other dungeon RPGs, this amount is just average. But compared to idle RPGs, this collection of weapons is already a Miracle.

AFK Dungeon MOD APK download

After overcoming the boss, not only get more weapons, but you will also be leveled up, increased strength, increased defense, and an amount of health. The more you fight, the more you get used to the gameplay, the stronger and more majestic your hero will be.

The dungeon system is dark and full of charm

AFK Dungeon designs different dungeons one after another, which will make you constantly want to explore to see what’s behind. Each dungeon represents a level. And they follow each other through the portals of space. At the end of each dungeon is always a boss as the kind of gatekeeper that rules that area. If you defeat it, the new space door will open for you to continue to the next level.

The special thing about AFK Dungeon is that the dungeons are not in any order. There is no such thing as going from easy to difficult or from few enemies to many enemies. Through the space doors, you can randomly go to any other dungeon and start your battle. There’s no cliché here, it’s all new and exciting, even if you start over from the beginning.

The boss lineup in AFK Dungeon is also impeccable. They are many, diverse, in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Defeating them with a simple one-handed operation is enough to make any veteran mobile gamer happy. Since these bosses themselves have excellent AI, each is a “difficult situation” you must try hard to solve.

Many new quests open

When reaching a certain level, the game will make certain item requirements. And to get these items, you will have to go on side quests. And not just one but there are always several options given, you are free to choose the one that suits your current strength. Then conquer challenges and bring back items to continue through the new space door.

Support players with the automatic feature

The common point of all idle games, regardless of their type, is that there is an automatic feature. There are games where your character can automatically fight/ automatically collect money, exploit materials, or build… And in AFK Dungeon, when you are offline, the hero will continue to automatically roll into the dungeons, find treasures, fight bosses, upgrade, collect loot and wait until you come back.

Graphics and sound

Going into the world of AFK Dungeon, you will witness quite dark 3D spaces with endless dungeons in which many dangers are hidden. But the graphics of the characters are in chibi style, even somewhat adorable. However, the creation of monsters and companions is quite fierce. In general, the character creation of AFK Dungeon is very impressive. First because of the subtlety in every detail, then because of the rare richness. You can see this most obviously when you face a few monsters, each with their own style and color tone, and strength. Yes, there is no duplicate despite the countless dungeons.

AFK Dungeon on APKMODY

You can see it, even more, when you level up your hero, equip him/her with powerful armor and weapons. Each time like that, the character’s shape is also different. Your hero becomes so cool after just a few battles. And always, it’s a very ‘yo-most’ feeling.

The sound is also very realistic, in sync with the fast-moving rhythm of the character. Especially in the battle screen or screen with the support of strange beasts, the whole screen lights up with a lot of impressive sounds. Playing AFK Dungeon, I have almost no complaints about both image and sound lines.

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