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Adobe DNG Converter (Freeware)

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Convert camera raw image files to DNG file format quickly, with an application that is both simple and easy to configure straight off the bat

Adobe DNG Converter is an Adobe proprietary software solution for all users who handle photography images and want to batch convert, choose the outputs' quality, and add different format file types into one conversion process.

More about the Adobe DNG format

DNG stands for Digital Negative Specification and it is an Adobe proprietary format. This is specifically used for the photography field and helps store the raw information of the camera. Moreover, all the photo editing Adobe software solutions (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) support DNG and can export content in this format.

How about Adobe DNG Converter and its options?

Although this converter is a simplistic instrument, this application is not by far small in size. Because handling raw files that come from varied sources, from different camera models and/or manufacturers, the conversion of RAW files is an extensive process, and therefore, the application is a robust instrument.

The program's single layout GUI offers a step-by-step guided process, with instructions and specific function naming. In the first window, users are asked to select the directory that contains the files that need to be converted, alongside some minor tweaks that filter the data based on recursive searches in child folders and duplicates.

Next, you are prompted with the option to choose the output directory, select the files' naming scheme, and choose your preferences, such as file compatibility and size, the usage of lossy compression or not, the preservation of pixel count, etc.


To summarize, Adobe DNG Converter is a powerful program that is extremely useful for all users who need to manage RAW file data. At the same time, the app's GUI is simple, straightforward, and manages to keep the conversion process and the settings configuration as minimal and precise as possible.

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