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AdGuard VPN for Chrome 0.12.14 (Demo)

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Protect your online privacy by encrypting your data traffic in Google Chrome using this top-notch virtual private network extension

A virtual private network creates a secure connection over the Internet, bringing to it several privacy and security-related benefits. Not only that it makes it possible for you to conceal your real identity, but it can encrypt and hide your entire online activity, even on public Wi-Fi. In other words, while connected to a VPN, you can avoid trackers of all sorts and safeguard your online presence.

Another plus of a VPN is that it enables you to bypass geographical restrictions and censorship, meaning you will be able to access content restricted to a particular country and browse region-restricted websites.

While there is a plethora of VPN alternatives to choose from, a browser-targeted solution seems to be the most convenient and unintrusive option. One example is AdGuard VPN for Chrome.

Encrypt your Chrome traffic with a VPN 

Created by the development team of the popular AdGuard ad blocker, the AdGuard VPN extension for Chrome comes in handy for encrypting the traffic directly in the browser, rerouting it all via the selected VPN server.

The extension is easily installed via the Chrome web store and, in just a couple of seconds, you should be able to see the new icon in the browser’s toolbar. Clicking on it reveals the connection status, along with the connection mode and the target VPN server, all in a popup window.

AdGuard VPN for Chrome automatically detects the VPN server that offers you the fastest connection based on your location and selects it as the default. However, you can manually change the server to match a location of your choice.

Connecting to the sever only requires pushing a button. Instantly, all the traffic is rerouted through the VPN server. Please note that the extension can be configured to only work on specific pages from the Settings area. In the so-called "Selective mode", you access all webpages without going through the VPN connection, except the ones in your list. Moreover, no matter the page you are visiting, you can block the VPN connection via the context menu.

Full protection via a browser VPN 

AdGuard VPN for Chrome ensures full identity protection by the traffic to a VPN server. Furthermore, it can block WebRTC, which allows visited websites to detect your IP address, and it can change the DNS servers to use when connected to the VPN. The extension secures your browsing history by encrypting it all and collects absolutely no data regarding your actions in Chrome.

Created by a trusted and wewll-known developer, this Chrome extension is a good option if you are on the lookout for a reliable VPN.

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