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AdGuard for Firefox 3.6.13 / 3.6.14 Beta (LGPL)

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An extension for Mozilla Firefox that can easily block all the advertisements on the websites you visit, enhancing your overall browsing experience

What's new in AdGuard for Firefox 3.6.14 Beta:

[Enhancement] Scriptlets updated [Enhancement] Minor fixes

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Many companies and online services survive due to advertising but, from the user’s point of view, advertisements only make the pages they visit load harder. That is why many computer users resort to ad blockers to filter the information displayed on a website and prevent some trackers from collecting data regarding their browsing habits. While there are also desktop applications to stop ad content, the most commonly used are browser extensions, such as AdGuard for Firefox.

Blocks adware, tracking attempts and malicious items 

Also available for Chrome and as a desktop application, AdGuard for Firefox can disable banners, block video, text and media ads, and remove unwanted popup windows on the websites you land on. 

Furthermore, it can schedule the self-destruction of cookies and block the action of third-party trackers that gather information for targeted advertising. In other words, it also acts as a virtual shield against phishing attempts, malware, viruses, trojans, worms, or spyware. 

In other words, it protects your online identity and your privacy, while also significantly reducing the risk of you becoming a victim of malware. Its efficiency is based on a malware database that contains more than two million entries, with new filtering rules added periodically.

Apply filters to remove ads and social media elements 

Once AdGuard is installed in Firefox, you should notice its icon in the toolbar. Clicking on it opens up a window where you can see the protection status and the number of blocked ads. You can instruct AdGuard to block all the ads on a website with a single click and it will prompt you to select the element to block manually. In the same window, AdGuard displays statistical information about all its actions.

There is a filtering log that you can access to view a list of all the links and pages that AdGuard blocked. The log window allows language-based filtering and enables you to check out blocked third-party elements, as well as whitelisted ones.

One feature worth mentioning is the social media filter, which can remove “Like” buttons and similar widgets that monitor your actions. 

A browser filter for known counters, trackers and ads 

AdGuard is one of the most feature-rich adware and tracker blockers out there. It can protect you at multiple levels, lowering the risk of infection and ensuring that your identity is safe while online. Of course, the final purpose is to enhance the overall user experience and save bandwidth, as ads and other elements are no longer loaded.

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