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AccuWeather MOD APK beats other Android weather apps in terms of user numbers and the strength and depth of the features. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this convenient application. 

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Introduce about AccuWeather

Accurate, localized, and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts!

Every day, everyone has a long list of activities that can be affected directly by the weather. We must have a plan and the necessary preparations and backups and monitor the weather closely. For this purpose, you should download AccuWeather to your device to experience its interesting utilities. AccuWeather is one of the few applications that has received many important awards from the World Meteorological Organization such as “Best User Interface and Data Representation”, “Best Weather Warnings”, “Best Design and Presentation of Information, User-Friendliness; Access and Customization”. And to get those Awards, of course, the app must have so many amazing features. Let’s see.

Providing weather forecasting information in a great area 

With 2.7 million major regions and locations worldwide, AccuWeather offers detailed, specific, accurate weather forecasts. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have the Internet and the AccuWeather application on your device, you can get all the information about the weather.

All these weather bulletins show real-time live weather conditions, which is always accurate and up to date. The information is very detailed: index of temperature, realFeel, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain condition, storm, pressure. Depending on your settings right from the start when using the application, this information will be displayed all on the homepage of the application and also in a shortened display on the phone’s Home screen.

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Monitor every indicator of the weather status according to the preset real-time frames

AccuWeather has MinuteCast feature that helps you keep a close eye on the weather in an area or location at regular intervals according to preset time frames like every 1 hour and regularly throughout the day. You will not only preview information but also see Weather Analysis (thanks to Realfeel feature). The information is so detailed and constantly updated that it can help you make important decisions for all of your day’s work.

Especially recently, AccuWeather has just updated the MinuteCast feature to allow monitoring and updating of weather information that changes every minute. In important times of work or big events, this feature is extremely useful.

Weather forecast for future times

Using AccuWeather, you can see detailed weather forecasts for the upcoming days, up to 45 days. These indicators are quite deep so you can make a long-term plan. This future weather forecast includes Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation Rate, Dew Point, Visibility, UV Index, Wind Speed ​​and Direction, Sunset Time in days and nights.

If you need more information or a longer-term forecast, you may want to consider upgrading to AccuWeather premium. And if only used for basic plans, I think the available version (with 45 days in advance) is enough.

Provide satellite and radar maps for each area

AccuWeather can display detailed RealVue™ radar maps for North America and Europe. And other areas around the world always come with Google Maps. If you’ve ever looked up the weather in an area, a snapshot of the map of these areas is also saved in AccuWeather so you can retrieve it when needed. And just touch a point on these maps, immediately information about current weather or the weather within the next 15 days and disaster warnings (if any) will appear in turn.

This 2-in-1 hybrid style is a novelty compared to the weather forecast applications available on mobile. The user experience is therefore much more intuitive, vivid, and convenient.

Special features for specific regions

For example, in areas with lots of snow in a year, you can use the WinterCast™ feature in AccuWeather for winter weather forecasting. You can also enhance RealFeel monitoring, and it will regularly send important alerts regarding possible snowfall and blizzards.

Or in areas with persistent rain, AccuWeather can automatically provide regular and detailed rain notifications such as rainfall volume, wind direction, phenomena associated with rain clouds, which helps you to make an appropriate prevention plan.

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