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abylon SHAREDDRIVE 20.60.2 (Trial)

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Safely store your files on encrypted drives and make them easily accessible only for trusted parties with the help of this streamlined application

What's new in abylon SHAREDDRIVE 20.60.2:

Initial tests of our software products were successfully conducted on the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft. Partially occurring "hang-ups" seem to be due to the waiting dialog. If not necessary, this has been removed. We often offer our software free of charge to private users through our partners. So that users can still make a small contribution to the further development of our software, we now offer a donation page in cooperation with PayPal. The password scrambler for masking the password entry in the password dialog can now be deactivated again.

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If you are a very security-oriented person, then you probably know that by encrypting your files you at least make the first steps towards protecting your data.

abylon SHAREDDRIVE is a lightweight and unobtrusive piece of software designed to make it possible for you to store files on a server and offer access only to users of your choosing.

To ensure that your files stay as safe as possible, abylon SHAREDDRIVE uses two encryption methods with proved reliability and security, namely Blowfish (448 bit) or AES-algorithm (256 bit). Access to your shared files is possible via password, smart card, USB flash drive or a CD and DVD certificate.

Intuitive layout and basic interface

The application comes with a clear-cut and quite intuitive user interface, with a simplistic toolbar and easily accessible features on display. Getting to grips with the application should not be a problem, regardless of your experience level with other similar tools.

To start working with the app, evidently, you need to first create a new connection. The next step requires you to add the files you want to share. From this point onwards, the utility makes it possible for you to directly access the encrypted files both locally and over the network.

Suitable for all categories of users

To protect your files as much as possible, abylon SHAREDDRIVE automatically encrypts each file in the background. Provided other users have the right password or hardware credentials, the encrypted files can be accessed by multiple individuals at the same time, therefore, reducing the backup data transfer volume.

While experts might appreciate the tool's support for secret keys for SYMM-System and HYBRID-System authorization methods, novice users might like the application's integration with MS File Explorer even more.

Share important data only with trusted parties

All things considered, abylon SHAREDDRIVE's basic principle is a simple one: it allows you to store files, encrypt them and enable multiple users to access them with the help of various authorization methods.

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