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abylon LOGON SSO Pro 18.30.2 (Trial)

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Protect your computer against any attempts of unauthorized access by configuring Windows login settings provided by this application

abylon LOGON SSO Pro is a security program that provides users with the possibility to modify the logon settings for their computers to increase the protection of their personal data.

Set up logon accounts and options

The software allows users to add or edit the login accounts on the computer, as well as to encrypt credentials automatically with the help of USB sticks or smart cards.

Users can choose what devices should be allowed at logon, ranging from tokens, external memory devices, CDs/DVDs, Bluetooth devices, or any keycard. They can set the tool to allow users to switch to standard username and password logon.

Change single sign-on settings

The tool includes support for single sign-on options as well, allowing users to add a desired SSO application, to add and edit accounts, and to define which SSO cards they want to use. The program also supports the use of single sign-on with passwords (without a card).

Users can modify the default SSO settings by selecting the type of devices that should be allowed at logon and by enabling user-cards administrative privileges. Moreover, they can allow the automatic correction of Windows Caption.

Set up the default encryption system

abylon LOGON SSO Pro includes key-management capabilities, allowing users to define a default encryption system for their newly created keys. It comes with support for both symmetrical and asymmetrical systems.

Integrated administration functions provide users with the possibility to define the general security settings for multiple accounts easier. The program also allows users to export their settings to an XML file, thus being able to use them on multiple computers effortlessly.

A reliable security tool

All in all, abylon LOGON SSO Pro is a fast, robust application for increasing the security of their data. It allows users to modify the logon and single sign-on options for multiple accounts, to define an encryption system, and to export all of their settings to an external file.

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