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Abacre Hotel Management System (Trial)

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Manage hotel customers, keep track of food orders and restock your inventory by taking advantage of the detailed features this application provides

What's new in Abacre Hotel Management System

Feature: added new fields on Clients window: Tax ID and Web site. Added corresponding tags on for bill templates: {$clienttaxid}, {$clientwebsite}. Feature: added new fields on Clients window: VAT ID, Tax ID, Web site and Email. Added corresponding tags on for bill templates: {$propertyvatid}, {$propertytaxid}, {$propertywebsite} and {$propertyemail}. Improvement: added a possibility to insert template body by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V on template's body on Bill Configuration and Templates window.

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Abacre Hotel Management System is a hotel/restaurant management application that offers support for a comprehensive package of features in order to help you create reservations, manage check in/out, as well as set up currencies, taxes, and gratuities.

Its aim is to provide a straightforward way in order to improve the guest handling and accounting operations. The tool implements a rich set of reports that reveal information about your sales by room, room type, orders in restaurants or retail, payment methods, and automatic tax calculations. Payments can be accepted by cash, credit cards, or checks.

User-friendly layout

The tool comes packed with various dedicated parameters, so you need to take some time and experiment with them in order to make the most out of this program. Good news is that it integrates only the essential features in the main panel for helping you deal with different operations, such as Reservations, Stays, New Order, Orders, Clients, Shifts, End of Day, Reports, Email Sender, and Log Off.

Creating reservations and check in/out

Abacre Hotel Management System lets you create reservations by selecting the “From” and “To” dates, choosing the room type, and providing details about the room, number of adults and children, number of nights, as well as additional notes.

What’s more, you can perform searches throughout the entire list with reservations, carry out operations related to check in/out, as well as create a database with clients by adding general information (e.g. name, phone number, street, ZIP code, state, job title, email address, company) or importing data from CSV or plain text file format. Additionally, you are allowed to make deposits, print data, check out, as well as cancel the current stay.

Taking orders

You can easily generate a new order by choosing between several preset items which are automatically added to a list, entering the discount, changing the price, choosing commission, as well as refunding or removing items.

The tool is able to automatically generate the total price and lets you work with different food categories, such as Starters, Main Courses, Drinks, and Desserts, switch between different viewing modes (icons, list, details, or buttons), print the bill and invoice, choose the order type (dine in, take out, delivery), make an order tax free, split orders, and check out a list with all taken orders.

Shifts and detailed reports

Abacre Hotel Management System allows you to automatically clock in/clock out on login/logoff and make use of quick login using Employee Swipe Card or Employee Barcode Card.

When it comes to generating detailed reports, the program categorizes them in different groups, such as hotel (room, room type, reservation list, arrivals, and departures), sales (by day, week, month, year, hour or other criteria), taxes (collected sales tax), inventory, profit margin, and shifts. Plus, you can preview the reports and print them.

An overall efficient hotel management system

All in all, Abacre Hotel Management System lets you achieve full control over your hotel management system using a rich-featured set of configuration settings and high speed input.

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