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A5:SQL Mk-2 2.16.2 / 2.17.0 Beta 19 (Donationware)

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Connect to a database of interest in order to make necessary adjustments, or work offline on a database file with the help of this application

What's new in A5:SQL Mk-2 2.16.2:

Fixed a bug that it is difficult to switch to another tab when executing many SQLs with short execution time continuously in SQL editor. Fixed to wait for the currently executing SQL to stop for the first 2 seconds with the SQL stop button of the SQL editor. Fixed a bug that even if TSV is selected when "Execute SQL and output result set to CSV / TSV file instead of grid" in SQL editor, it is output in CSV. Fixed a bug that the dialog title bar was wrong when copying insert / update statements in the table editor, and the checkboxes were enabled / disabled.

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Since the majority of activities are now somehow related to the Internet, data is best kept safe and organized inside databases. There are various sorts of databases, each fitted with its own types of code and algorithms. As such, A5:SQL Mk-2 wants to help you connect to the one of interest, edit, and update as necessary.

Browse database objects through a side panel

The application only needs to be downloaded in order to function. Running it for the first time requires you to choose where data to be saved, either in system registry entries, or as a file. The latter option makes the program portable, allowing you to carry it and the project files with you on a USB flash drive.

In terms of design, the application doesn’t want to overwhelm you with too many functions in plain sight. Item menus keep features cleverly organized, with a generous space for editing your source code, as well as a neat side panel which can be used to browse through database objects.

Connect to a database or edit files offline

You don’t necessarily need to connect to a database, but in case you want to, possibilities are impressive, with support for databases like Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL (including compact), Interbase/Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Microsoft Access, as well as ADO. On the other hand, you can work offline by loading database files.

Edit functions can be accessed from the upper toolbar or the context menu. It’s possible to find and even replace strings of interest, add recovery point, restore, select, comment, convert, generate source string, strip code, format SQL, record and play key macro, as well as to run SQL scripts.

It’s possible to generate table definition document or CSV file, access schema comparison, batch import and export, commit, as well as to export to a variety of formats like CSV, XML, to Excel, and more. For enhanced security, you database connection and projects can be fitted with a custom password.

To end with

Bottom line is that you can often have to deal with information inside one or more databases of different types. In this regard, A5:SQL Mk-2 delivers a comprehensive set of tools to connect to a database on the spot, or modify database files offline.

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