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4K YouTube to MP3 (Demo)

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Convert your favorite YouTube files to high quality audio formats if you'd like to use these items with various other devices around your house, or simply to integrate in a personal project

While the name 4K YouTube to MP3 might be a tad misleading, the bottom line with this particular app is it is yet another online video downloader and converter.

Save your YouTube videos in either M4A, OGG, and MP3 format, high-quality audio files that can be added to any device that is compatible with these formats, allowing you to enjoy music even when you're not online. The application is pretty standard no matter what angle you choose to view it from.

Basic interface, basic process

On one side, we must agree that simple is usually good with applications that are meant for all types of users. Still, on the other hand, it becomes a little boring when you have so many alternatives that look and perform the same. Not much to choose from when in the end you happen to grab the same recipe for whatever your needs are.

The application will require you to paste the link of your video inside the app. You can also download playlists, so you get to batch process files. A preview is available, before and after converting your items. Thus, you can make sure everything is to your liking before actually grabbing the final product and placing it on your audio device. You can import or paste links, whichever suits you best.

Adjusting settings to your liking

Since the app can convert items in more than one format, the user gets to also choose quality and intensity levels for the final product. You'll also need to provide an output directory for your files to be saved in. Other options include skipping duplicates in a playlist, generating M3U files for download playlists, having a sound played when downloads are completed, and adding your resulting audio files to iTunes directly.

It is here that maybe this app manages to win a little sympathy. Aside from this, it works as expected, offering the exact features that are advertised. Thus, 4K YouTube to MP3 might not really make sense as a name, but in the end, it doesn't really matter what its name is if it can get the job done quickly.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONYou can download up to 30 videos per day SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSInternet Connection

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